Top FlutterFlow Web App Examples for Inspiration

There’s been a lot of buzz in the FlutterFlow community with questions like, “Is FlutterFlow good for web apps?” and “What are some FlutterFlow app examples?”

To address these queries and inspire your next web app project, we’ve compiled a list of the best FlutterFlow app examples.

These showcases demonstrate the versatility and efficiency of FlutterFlow in web app development.

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FlutterFlow Web App Examples

1. Silver

Silver, developed by Dan Somrak and Oded Shekel, is an app designed to simplify the management of Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) claims.

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It automates the process of collecting and processing receipts, identifying eligible expenses, and handling claim paperwork. Built with FlutterFlow for front-end development and Supabase for backend.

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Silver features include automatic receipt collection, eligibility identification, and streamlined claim management, enhancing the FSA/HSA experience for users.

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2. DentalRx

DentalRx, an innovative dental pharmacology app, was developed by Nickolas Steel using FlutterFlow. It assists dentists in medication management and patient care, offering modules for patient medication history, prescribing monographs, and practice guidelines.

The app includes features like medication analysis, antibiotic prescribing, safe anesthetic dosage calculations, an in-app messaging system, and prescription printing.

DentalRx is accessible on various platforms and continues to evolve, benefiting from user feedback and rapid development capabilities of FlutterFlow.

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3. Blue Pass

The Blue Pass app, developed for the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure in the UAE, was created using FlutterFlow.

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It serves as a unified database for maritime companies and ships in the UAE’s ports and waters. The app, built in just one month by a small team, connects marine companies with suppliers and service providers, offering features like exclusive deals, a tier system for users, and a barcode scanner for offer verification.

Blue Pass, reflecting the rapid development capability of FlutterFlow, has gained significant attention in the maritime industry.

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4. Quizform

Quizform is a versatile quiz creation and participation tool. It allows users to make quizzes, take them, and receive scores. Key features include performance tracking with detailed metrics like pass/fail rates and individual scores, making it suitable for educational purposes.

The app is also mobile-compatible, catering to users on various devices. It’s designed to be user-friendly, enabling easy quiz management and customization.

Its ability to engage a community by allowing users to share quizzes adds to its appeal, meeting a high demand for a comprehensive quiz-making tool.

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To wrap it up, these FlutterFlow examples show just how easy and versatile it is to create awesome web apps.

Whether for education, healthcare, or any industry, FlutterFlow helps you turn great ideas into reality, quickly and simply. Get inspired and start building your dream app today with FlutterFlow!

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