How to find trending and low competition apps ideas

Have you ever found yourself lost in the vast world of app development, where finding the right idea feels like searching for a needle in a haystack? 

Set your worries aside,This article is your roadmap to avoiding competition and discovering trending app ideas that guarantee rapid and easy user acquisition.

Ready to unveil the secrets of app success? Let’s dive in.

The Problem:

Imagine you, a dedicated developer, eagerly opening your laptop to breathe life into an app you’re passionate about.

How to find trending and low competition apps ideas

After days and weeks of hard work, you release it, only to find no users and no engagement. The issue? It’s not your coding, but the crucial starting point most developers miss.

The Solution:

The key? It’s not just about coding; it’s about defining your niche. Success begins with identifying a niche, studying the winners within, and crafting a solution that outshines existing options. 

It’s a journey from wasted days to a strategic approach that captivates users effortlessly.

How to find trending and low competition apps ideas

The Tool:

The tool we’re going to use is Appsrank.io. It provides three main features: Top Charts, App Search, and Keymap.

In the upcoming sections, we’ll guide you step by step through different strategies that will help you find your next successful app idea.

  • First strategy : top charts apps

This feature provides apps data in the formS of collections : Top free apps , Top new free apps, Top paid apps , and Top new paid apps.

You can also choose the location, because the apps ranking on play store change from location to location.

Let’s take the example of the top-paid apps in Canada. As you can see in the following screenshot, the tool provides various data about the collection of apps.

 Our goal is to identify trending apps—those that have garnered a high number of installations in a short period of time.

To achieve that, click on the “Made date” icon to sort the list by the newest published apps, and take a look at the number of installations. 

In this example, the American Farming app has received over 5000 installs and was published on 18/11/2023. 

Considering today’s date is 28/11/2023, this means that this paid app has gained over 5000 users in just 10 days. We can confidently categorize this app as a trending application.

  • Second strategy : search with keyword

Now, let’s explore the second strategy – the Search with Keyword feature. This is the go-to strategy if you’re planning to build apps for a specific niche.

To utilize this feature, simply input your keyword and location. You will then receive a curated collection of top-performing apps, accompanied by valuable data such as the number of installations, reviews, ratings, and the date of publication.

trending app ideas
  • Third strategy : Micro apps ideas using keymap feature

I believe this is the best feature, It enables you to identify the types of apps people are actively searching for. In the screenshot below, we selected “planner” as a keyword, and the tool promptly provided a list of suggestions related to this keyword. 

These suggestions represent the most commonly searched keywords on the Google Play Store. What’s even more impressive is that the tool also generates suggestions based on the initial set of suggestions, Isn’t that truly magical?

In this example, think of “Planner” as a niche and the more specific “planner apps for students” as a micro-niche. Choosing the latter may have lower competition.

If you search on the Google Play Store using “planner apps for students,” you’ll see that none of the top apps use this phrase. Plus, none are designed specifically for students. This shows it’s a unique app idea with little to no competition.

Tool link : https://www.appsrank.io


In the dynamic world of app development, success hinges on more than just coding—it’s about defining your niche. 

We’ve provided a roadmap to transform frustration into strategic thinking, guiding you to captivate users effortlessly. 

Appsrank.io is your ally in this journey, offering Top Charts, App Search, and Keymap features. Uncover trending app ideas with low competition by analyzing top-performing apps, searching with keywords, and identifying micro-niches. 

Remember, success is not just in the code; it’s in the unique solutions you offer. Armed with these insights, venture forth and turn your app development dreams into reality. Happy coding!

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