+21 Flutterflow app examples I apps built with flutterflow

Welcome to the exciting world of FlutterFlow in 2024! Here, we’re showcasing amazing apps created with FlutterFlow, a tool that makes app development super easy and fun.

Get ready to check out some cool and handy apps that have been built with FlutterFlow. Let’s dive in!

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Examples of apps made with flutterflow:

1. Totoy

Totoy is an AI-based app designed to help users understand documents quickly. It allows you to scan text in any language and get explanations in your native tongue. 

The app can read various types of texts, including letters, legal documents, street signs, and ingredient lists. 

Totoy aims to simplify the translation process, offering more than just literal translations but easy-to-understand explanations. 

It also features a document vault for storing scanned documents and supports a wide range of languages, with continuous updates adding new ones.

2. Tagalong

Tagalong one of the best apps developed with flutterflow, is an app that offers personalized 1-on-1 coaching from professional athletes across various sports like running, rowing, and triathlon.

It provides services like training sessions (virtual or in-person), custom training plans, and fitness and nutrition-based events.

The app is designed for individuals seeking specific performance goals, structure, and accountability in their training, and those looking to learn skill-intensive sports.

It replaces traditional personal trainers and generic training plans by providing sport-specific expertise and customization.

3. Giftit

Giftit is an app that enhances the gift-giving experience by anonymously finding out what your friends want.

It introduces a feature named Sherlock, which interacts with your friends through popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and iMessage to ask the right questions about their gift preferences, all while keeping your identity hidden.

flutterflow app examples

This app is perfect for any occasion, ensuring you find the perfect gift every time. The process is simple and involves selecting a contact, having Sherlock chat with them, and then viewing the results to choose the ideal gift.

4. Kawenter

Kawenter is an app focused on simplifying the process of obtaining e-visas for travel. It aims to remove the complexities of visa procedures, enabling users to explore and connect with different cultures around the world easily.

The app streamlines securing e-visas, demystifies government legal language, and compiles entry requirements for over 180 countries.

Designed to reduce time-consuming paperwork and confusing guidelines, Kawenter caters to both first-time international travelers and seasoned globetrotters, facilitating travel preparations from start to finish.

5. COIN Budget Planner

Coin is an app designed to simplify personal finance management. Key features include setting budgets by category, creating savings ‘vaults’ for specific goals, and automatic recurrent record-keeping for regular expenses or income.

It’s designed to help users plan, control, and adjust their spending according to their budget. Additionally, the app plans to introduce features for quick entries of frequent transactions and shared expenses management with friends.

6. PlayerFinder

PlayerFinder is an app designed to connect gamers for multiplayer gaming experiences. It enables users to find and create Looking for Group (LFG) listings for popular game titles, integrating with Discord for communication.

The app features native Discord integrations, real-time notifications, and custom profiles, allowing gamers to connect, communicate, and compete in active lobbies.

It supports a wide range of multiplayer games and is aimed at bringing together gamers with similar interests and play styles.

7. Atlas

Atlas is a financial technology company offering a rewards credit card designed to be accessible and beneficial for users. Key features include 0% APR, high approval rates without requiring a credit history or income, and safe spending limits that grow with the user.

The card also offers cashback rewards, including up to 3% on certain categories and up to 10% at over 50,000 stores.

Additionally, it provides benefits like cell phone protection and travel emergency services, all with a simple pricing model and no hidden fees.


The AB.MONEY app, available on the Apple App Store, is a meditation and mindset app designed to assist users in managing stress, improving their physical and moral state, and networking with others.

It offers original meditations by Sasha Belair, unique tunes, Theta and Delta practices, free Soul Matrix Calculation, tarot card solutions, daily affirmations, and lessons in the AB.MONEY START package.

The app also provides a platform for global networking through chat rooms, aiming to enhance users’ mindsets and improve their lives.

9. Trade Arena

Trade Arena is a mobile game that combines elements of fantasy sports trading with stock market dynamics.

Players collect and trade digital cards representing various outcomes in real-world sports events, with the card values fluctuating based on actual event outcomes and market demand.

The game, which operates entirely on points, allows players to experience the thrill of trading without financial risk.

It includes features like interactive leagues, tournaments, real-time updates, and analytics. The game is educational and fun, providing insights into stock market workings, and is suitable for both beginners and seasoned traders.

10. Presence

The Presence app is designed to facilitate real-world connections by bringing online communities to life.

Users can discover nearby members, join diverse communities, and engage with others locally. It offers real-time updates on community members’ locations, allowing for instant connections.

The app supports enriched user profiles with links and interests, a purposeful search feature for finding connections, and tools for conversation and collaboration.

Community managers can also create and manage thriving groups. The app focuses on empowering real-world interactions through a digital platform.

11. Brain Trust

The Brain Trust app offers tools for creating a unique and personal digital legacy. It features guided prompts to help users express their stories, a gallery for curating memorable photos, and personalized prompts that improve over time. 

The app emphasizes privacy with end-to-end encryption for user writings and offers a way to share life’s moments with loved ones. It’s designed for those looking to preserve and share their life stories and memories in a digital forma

12. Cinefy

Cinefy is a mobile app that allows users to discover and watch movies and TV shows. It offers a personalized experience by learning from users’ watching habits and preferences.

The app provides movie trailers, detailed descriptions, and ratings to help users make informed choices.

It also includes a feature to create and manage a watchlist, ensuring users don’t miss their favorite content. Cinefy is designed for movie enthusiasts looking for a convenient way to explore and track their viewing.

13. Escuta Pet

The Escuta Pet app is designed for pet owners, offering a variety of tools to understand and care for their pets better. 

It includes a feature to identify the mood of pets based on their sounds, and provides educational content about pet behavior and wellbeing. 

The app aims to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners by enhancing communication and understanding.

14. Insidernote

Insidernote is a creative app that enables users to share various types of content like text, videos, images, and audio in their preferred style. It offers control over content visibility, allowing options like early access, private, or public sharing.

The app focuses on connecting creators with their audience, fostering engagement with followers, and encouraging connections among creators.

It promises a secure and personalized experience, with features designed to expand reach and grow user communities. The app also offers premium content and exclusive perks.

15. Balance Pro

Balance Pro is a personal finance management app that combines a digital checkbook register with a bill tracker.

It allows users to manage money, track spending, and receive bill reminders. Features include a multi-currency system, multiple account management, custom categories, bill reminders, transaction reconciliation, secure encryption, and device syncing.

It also supports scanning and uploading receipts, and offers data export and import in CSV format.

16. SwipeWipe

SwipeWipe is a photo management app designed for decluttering your phone’s gallery with a Tinder-like interface. 

Users can swipe left to mark photos and videos for deletion or swipe right to keep them. It features batch deletion, sorting, double confirmation to prevent accidental deletions, and operates with user privacy in mind.

17. Quoteyou

Quoteyou is an app that allows users to save and share memorable quotes from everyday life. It features the ability to create groups, react to quotes, and save quotes from anyone, even non-users. 

The app offers unique functionalities like speaking quotes out loud with a choice of nine different voices and the option to turn quotes into physical items like candles. 

It’s designed for capturing and cherishing those unforgettable sayings from friends, family, or any encounter.

18. Plaid Pantry

The Plaid Pantry app is a multifunctional application for interacting with Plaid Pantry locations. It includes features like games, shopping, coupons, and more, enhancing the user experience with the Plaid Pantry stores. 

The app is updated to improve user interaction and offers various functionalities to make shopping and engaging with the store more convenient and enjoyable.

19. ScriptSafe

ScriptSafe is a mobile app designed for managing electronic prescriptions (eScripts). It offers secure storage for eScripts, separate from SMS and emails, instant notifications for new scripts, refill tracking, and a user-friendly interface.

ScriptSafe aims to organize and simplify access to eScripts, enhancing convenience and peace of mind for users. It’s comparable in ease of use to Apple Wallet or Google Pay

20. Otter Curiosity

Otter Curiosity is a social networking app designed to foster quality connections and open-minded conversations. It focuses on encouraging curiosity and understanding between people with different viewpoints. 

The app offers features like one-on-one chatrooms, the ability to share and explore stories, and a subscription model for additional functionalities. Its design objective is to bridge distances between people in a polarizing world.

21. PL na veia

“PL na veia” is an app for Premier League soccer fans. It provides live scores, past and upcoming match details, team rankings, and player statistics. 

The app also includes predictions for matches and a quiz about English Football. It’s aimed at those who enjoy betting and learning more about their favorite teams in the Premier League.


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