How to make social share buttons on

Enhancing your app’s visibility is key in today’s digital world. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to easily add share buttons to your Bubble app, turning users into ambassadors and significantly boosting your content’s reach.

Follow our straightforward steps to make your bubble app more shareable and visible!

How to make social share buttons on

In your Bubble editor, drop a button or icon where users can easily spot it. This will be their go-to for sharing. Customize it to match your app’s look and feel.

Ensure share buttons align with your app’s design and are easily discoverable by users. Add a recognizable icon/element for users to identify the social platform on which the content will be shared on.

Select the share button element and go to the Workflow section. Create a new action for the button click event in the Bubble workflow section. Choose the action type as “Open an external website” or “Send an email”.

Bubble io share button

In the “Open an external website”, configure the Destination field by adding the social share platform URL.

Construct the appropriate URLs for social sharing, for example:

  • Twitter:[your_app_url]
  • Facebook:[your_app_url]
  • WhatsApp: message here
  • Email: mailto:
  • To Configure the Email Action: In the “Send an email” action, you’ll need to configure the fields:
    • “To: Enter the recipient’s email address. You can make this dynamic if you want to allow users to input their email addresses.
    • Subject: Set the subject for the email. You can make this dynamic as well.
    • Body: Compose the body of the email. This is where you can include a message and any dynamic data you want to share.

Preview or test your app to ensure that clicking the social share feature works as expected.

This quick and user-friendly walkthrough empowers you to make your app content shareable, turning your user base into enthusiastic promoters.

Implement these steps, and watch as your Bubble app becomes not just a product but a shared experience that resonates far and wide in the digital landscape.

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