Weweb examples : no code web apps built with weweb

This blog post highlights a range of innovative web applications developed using WeWeb. From real estate platforms to financial analytics tools, each example showcases WeWeb’s versatility in creating diverse, user-friendly solutions across various industries.

These case studies illustrate the effectiveness of WeWeb in turning creative ideas into functional web applications.

Examples of no code web apps built with Weweb

1. SkipMatrix

SkipMatrix is a real estate platform that leverages AI and machine learning to provide skip tracing and lead generation services. It offers detailed contact information for property owners, aiding real estate professionals in expanding their business. 

The platform was developed by an entrepreneur named Mike, who utilized WeWeb and Xano for front-end and back-end development, respectively. 

Weweb examples

Mike Coulbourn, the founder of SkipMatrix, chose WeWeb for its ability to seamlessly convert his Figma designs into a functional web application.

WeWeb’s supportive network and partner agencies allowed Mike to delegate technical aspects, focusing on business development and design. 

This collaboration enabled a precise representation of his complex designs and helped in realizing his vision for SkipMatrix’s user interface and functionality. 

Website Link : skipmatrix

2. Aloe Digital Solutions

Aloe Digital Solutions, focused on medical education software, was developed by Kyan Lynch using WeWeb for front-end design and Xano for backend functionality. 

The platform assists medical professionals with curriculum scheduling and question banks. Kyan chose WeWeb for its ease of design customization and user-friendly interface, crucial for users with limited digital skills. 

no code web apps built with Weweb

Xano’s backend capabilities ensured the software’s compliance with HIPAA and GDPR. This combination allowed the creation of a secure, efficient SaaS, with the MVP developed in just 4 weeks.

Website Link : aloedigitalsolutions

3. Flexibl

Flexibl, founded by Tanguy Damois, is a financial analytics SaaS for SaaS companies, integrating payment data analysis on a user-friendly dashboard. 

Tanguy, self-taught in product management and with limited coding skills, used WeWeb for front-end development and Xano for back-end functions. 

WeWeb’s chart plugin and its integration with Xano were key in handling complex data and user interactions. 

This no-code approach allowed Tanguy to focus on user acquisition and idea validation. Flexibl, in its beta phase, successfully converted beta testers into paying customers.

Website Link : goflexibl

4. CheckSet

CheckSet offers expert peer reviews to improve project quality and reduce risks in construction documents. They proactively identify errors and omissions, reducing construction RFI’s and change orders. 

Their services include regulatory review, constructability and completeness analysis, discipline coordination, specification review, and specialty reviews. 

CheckSet’s process is developed for flexibility and reliability, ensuring high-quality outcomes for developers, contractors, and architects.

Website Link : checkset

5. StreamPlus

StreamPlus is a client portal developed using WeWeb, Supabase, and the TheMovieDB API. It serves as a platform for users to discover and track movies and TV shows, offering features like sorting by genre and tracking popular or upcoming titles.

This combination of technologies allows StreamPlus to provide a rich, user-friendly experience for exploring entertainment options.

Website Link : streamplus

6. CocoLeads

CocoLeads is a SaaS CRM platform built using WeWeb, Xano, Make, Sendgrid, Twilio, and Notion. It centralizes and streamlines lead management, offering a real-time dashboard, automated tasks, and integration with over 5,000 software tools. 


Designed for various industries, it enhances sales opportunities and team collaboration. The integration of these technologies allows CocoLeads to efficiently manage leads and improve conversion rates and productivity.

Website Link : cocoleads

7. Appsrank

Appsrank, designed for mobile app market analysis, is built using WeWeb, Xano, and AWS. It offers features like niche research, competitor analysis, ASO optimization, and keyword research, along with tracking and curated lists of top apps. 

This technological combination allows Appsrank to provide in-depth insights for app developers aiming to enhance their app’s performance and market presence.

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In summary, the showcased web applications demonstrate WeWeb’s strength in creating powerful and visually appealing front-ends.

Paired with backend tools like Xano and Supabase, WeWeb proves to be an effective solution for building comprehensive and dynamic web apps across various industries.

This combination highlights WeWeb’s versatility in turning innovative ideas into functional and engaging web experiences.

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